The most important decision a company can make is who they hire. And, yet, the interview process is often neglected, seen as an uncomfortable and tired exercise that falls flat. As a result, hiring managers go into avoidance mode. And, who can blame them? They just plowed through fifty resumes, sat through five interviews, and have yet to be WOW’ed.

In order to find the WOW, we need to be honest with ourselves about who we are really looking for. In an effort to recruit highly skilled candidates with strong culture fit, we have been asking ourselves a series of questions.

Here are a few…What are the company expectations for the hiring manager’s team? How is the hiring manager evaluated? What does the company culture promote? What must a candidate be able to do? Has the candidate been successful doing these very things? From there, we can create candidate questions geared towards finding that until-now, elusive Wow.