Our Client, a heritage fashion brand has an exciting opportunity for an innately creative and passionate graphic designer.  The graphic designer reports into the the Creative Communications Department. They are responsible for creating and implementing the company’s integrated communications strategies, which contribute to the achievement of the company’s financial targets and market share, as well as the development of the Client brand. Their creative communications strategy is to develop persuasive communications that attract new consumers, retain existing consumers, and motivate consumers to increase their average annual purchase with the Client brand.

The Freelance Graphic Designer’s primary responsibility is to create compelling visual assets that delight and persuade the Client customer.

The Creative Communications Department represents a key link between the Consumer and the rest of the company. Through research and analysis, the Department must know the Client brand consumer implicitly, and translate this knowledge into opportunities for the business. Ultimately, the communications strategies must encourage our current consumer to purchase more, while attracting potential new consumers to the brand. The primary responsibility of the Freelance Graphic Designer is to create compelling visual assets that delight and persuade the consumer.

We also have the responsibility to communicate and strategize with other departments internally.  The Creative Communications Department caters to clients including: wholesale accounts (specialty stores, signature stores, major department stores), retail stores, e-commerce, and corporate management.  Graphic design is a key component of sales support.

 The Freelance Graphic Designer has the challenge of bringing the creative vision to life while executing the needs of many.  Creative Communications is the primary link between sales and consumer-facing touch points. Creative Communications and the Freelance Graphic Designer is responsible for maintaining the Brand Vision: the Client brand positioning in all visual materials.  This role needs to be extremely collaborative and extremely creative, while meeting high levels of productivity.

The Freelance Graphic Design position requires that all visual materials meet our objectives on time and within budget.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Responsible for executing promotional and seasonal collateral across channels

Work closely with Manager of Graphic Design + Art Direction designer to execute sales materials and presentations for senior management

Working closely with Manager of Graphic Design + Art Direction to execute social media content

Process and manage multiple requests, seeing each project through to completion, making sure to triple check all work

Execute branded materials for intra-office communications

Areas of Graphic Design support include (but are not limited to):

 Public Relations

Key Email Blast visuals

Event Invitations

Event Signage

Bag Stuffers

Social Media Properties







Email campaigns

Direct mail

In-store visuals

Creative Communications

Product Knowledge books

Package design

Resizing or retouching of images

Layouts of materials for on-sale

Web Support

Additional email support for stores & warehouse sale

Specialty marketing tools

Static content for the Client brand website


Brand Guidelines

Advertising as necessary

Logo usage and adjustment

Hangtags, labels and other product support, as necessary

Retail and Wholesale Support includes but is not limited to:

Retail Channel Support

Window Visuals

Key product signage

Seasonal Imagery

Seasonal Collection pieces

Thematic items (concept descriptors)

Direct mail


Warehouse Sale items

Creative on Demand site support

Seasonal templates (e.g. emails)

Promotional templates

Year-long in-store displays (e.g. Now Hiring)

 Signature Store Support

Window Visuals

Key product signage

Seasonal Imagery

Seasonal Collection pieces

Thematic items (concept descriptors)

Direct mail


Major Store Support

Department Visuals

Key product signage

Seasonal Imagery

Seasonal Collection pieces

Thematic items (concept descriptors)

Direct mail


 Specialty Store Support

Trade Show visuals

Trade Show invites (digital and otherwise)

Seasonal emails and other misc tools

On-sale announcement


In-Store communication tools

Sales support documents


 2-4 years of graphic design experience, preferably in the fashion industry.  Bachelor’s degree in graphic arts or related field preferred, not required. 

       Proficient knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

       Sophisticated understanding of social media outlets (eg: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

       An understanding of the the Client brand positioning and consumer profile

       Sophisticated graphic design sensibility.

       Sophisticated use of Typography

       Understanding of the apparel market and a vision for business-driving tactics.

       Insight for the ever-changing channels of consumer communication, especially the power of social media marketing.

       Creative vision as well as fine attention to detail. 

       Ability to maintain a strict calendar of deadlines and ensure others to do the same.

       Strong verbal and written skills.

       Strong multi-tasking skills.

       An understanding of the printing process

       Experience with social media marketing