Our Client, a heritage fashion brand who offers amazing benefits and work life balance has a front end developer opportunity on their growing eCommerce team. Here are the details. 


The e-Commerce team is seeking a Senior JavaScript Engineer. This position will be responsible for working with the E-commerce team and internal design teams to implement advanced front-end solutions for our Client’s e-commerce, Internet marketing, and mobile applications. The candidate will have a very strong understanding of core JS (ES3, 5 and some ES6), E-Commerce development experience or equivalent (the ability to work with JSP files and quality associated with e-commerce development), JS specific design patterns, caching, etc. In addition to the language knowledge and experience the candidate will need to have a solid background and understanding of MV* frameworks, deferred processing (promises), jQuery/GreenSock, client side template engines and the usual minification and concatenation tools (Browersify & RequireJS). JS concurrency experience with Web Workers, binary data (meta data) and data visualization via ThreeJS (Canvas & WebGL), D3 (Graphs & Charts) for advanced user experiences when files are uploaded, and/or when data is being viewed. Experience with the following front-end technologies is a must: CSS 2.1 & 3 (responsive design and implementation), HTML5 tags, semantic markup and ARIA. The Senior JavaScript Engineer may also work on the our client’s blog (WordPress) updating both the form and functionality of our existing WordPress templates


·      Expert in core JS
·      Expert in JS specific design patterns
·      Expert in JS MV* frameworks
·      Expert in client side template engines
·      Strong in ES5 with some knowledge of ES6
o   XHR2
o   Generators, Iterators
o   Web-workers / blobs / canvas and WebGL
·      Unit testing
·      Experience with Java based E-commerce web applications
o   Experience with JSP Scriptlets, JSTL and JSP template pages in general
·      Knows how to create a progressive front-end architecture using HTML5 and CSS3 (LESS)

·      Capable of performing usability and unit testing

·      Familiar with IDEs and editors like: Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ, Netbeans, Sublime Text, VIM, emacs

·      Optimize Photoshop files for the web knowing when to use certain image formats over another

·      Ability to work well across multiple departments and independently, as well as the ability to interact productively within team setting

·      Excellent attention to detail, follow-up and organizational skills

·      Demonstrate ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and meet deadlines

·      Stay abreast of new technology in the e-commerce and development space

·      Excellent communication skills

·      Strong and palpable “sense of urgency” for implementing courses of action

·      Genuine enthusiasm and excitement for our Client’s merchandise, brand positioning, fun, and emotional connection with the consumer


·      A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience

·      5-7 years direct experience developing interactive projects with a focus on front-end web and mobile applications

·      Experience using SASS (SCSS syntax) to build partials, mixins, nesting and the benefit of minification for production deployments

·      Experience within a Linux / OSX CLI (Command Line Interface or a Windows alternative) to SSH into remote servers, run Compass (SASS), Git, SVN

·      Experience with an AMD tool like RequireJS

·      Proficient knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and object-oriented JavaScript design patterns

·      Professional experience working with one or more MVC frameworks for Java, Ruby, and/or PHP

·      Has integrated 3rd party tracking software and/or Web Services 
·      Demonstrates a clear understanding of usability (ARIA and Semantic Markup), accessibility and web standards as well as emerging development trends

·      Clear understanding of Responsive Design

·      Familiar with SEO

·      Experience in mobile application development and e-commerce a plus