The Opportunity & Position Overview:

The Technical Designer has responsibility to adhere to the established fit in alignment with the company’s fit and sizing initiatives that will ultimately delight the consumer by translating to market superior apparel product. This will in turn lead to profitable growth for the company over a multi-year horizon.

The Technical Designer is responsible to provide guidance to both Fashion Design and the supplier base regarding fit, sizing and construction and is to ensure that all tech packs, patterns and graded specs are issued in accordance with the goals of achieving Fashion Design’s stylistic intent and achieving market superior apparel product. The primary measure of doing this well is the returns rate in the e-commerce full price business.

The Technical Designer should operate in a manner consistent with the Company Creed, Core Values and Core Leadership qualities.

The Technical Designer must demonstrate understanding of issues and be able to execute as a part of a high performing, results oriented team.

Four Major Areas of Responsibility:

Understand the  customer, lifestyle, positioning in the marketplace and product strategy; collaborate effectively with technical design colleagues, fit with The Company Creed, Core Values and Core Leadership Qualities;

Work closely with Fashion Design to understand the desired styling and fit intent of each silhouette and ensure development of tech packs, graded specs and patterns that translate Fashion Design’s vision into a reality of finished apparel product;

 Visit factories overseas to help them to understand the tech packs and design intent to ensure

Adherence to standards that result in high quality bulk production.

The four major areas are discussed below

Understand the Customer, Lifestyle, Positioning in the Marketplace and Product Strategy. 

Our Client is a lifestyle, branded marketing company in the apparel, accessories and footwear business serving the needs of the affluent customer at ease. 

 Know and appreciate the customer. The customer is multi-generational.  This affects fit and styling and thus impacts decisions technical design will make.

The product strategy is to create innovative designs that delight our customer, have high retail sell through and contribute to the profitable growth of the company.

Collaborate effectively with technical design colleagues, fit with The Company Creed, Core Values and Core Leadership Qualities;

The Technical Designer has a broad responsibility to collaborate effectively with colleagues. The Technical Designer should instill confidence in others that she is capable, knowledgeable and in control of all matters related her assigned styles.

The Technical Designer should fit with The Company Creed, the Core Values and the Core Leadership Qualities.

The Technical Designer should demonstrate leadership in alignment with the Core Leadership Qualities. It is not enough merely to perform the job. How things are done, is equally as important as what is done.

Work Closely with Fashion Design to Understand the Desired Styling and Fit Intent of Each Silhouette and Ensure Development of Tech Packs, Graded Specs and Patterns that Translate Fashion Design’s Vision into a Reality of Finished Apparel Product. 

Work closely with the Senior Technical Designer and the fashion designers to understand the desired styling and fit intent of each silhouette and develop tech packs to achieve this intent. While Fashion Design are responsible to provide direction on the stylistic intent of each silhouette and to give a general idea of how each silhouette should fit, it is the responsibility of Technical Design to take this vision and morph it into a tech pack, graded spec and pattern that captures the design intent, but is viable from a fit, sizing, construction and bulk production angle. 

Our client is a design led organization. This however does not absolve Technical Design from providing input and direction on fit and construction in order to ensure that the outcome will delight the consumer. It is critical that The Technical Designer understands and implements this.        

Ensure that established best practices, such as block intent, neck drop and ease over/under body measurements are being adhered to by both fashion design and technical design.

Assist the Senior Technical Designer in the development of a library of established fit blocks that meet the intent of Fashion Design’s vision.  This will be done under the supervision of the Director of Technical Design to ensure consistency between categories and viability in a bulk production setting. 

Visit Factories Overseas to Help them to Understand the Tech Packs and Design intent. 

Spend sufficient time with factories overseas to help them to understand the company’s tech packs and to help to resolve technical design issues. It is preferable that this occurs prior to production to ensure the best use the Technical Designer’s time.

It is primarily the responsibility of Quality Assurance to make sure finished goods of bulk production are consistent with the specifications in the tech packs. It is primarily the responsibility of the Product Development and Production team to place styles in the appropriate factories and to evaluate the tradeoffs of construction details, fashion design intent and production efficiency to provide a good value / cost relationship for the merchandise.


The Technical Designer needs to have a high degree of technical knowledge and be able to demonstrate this knowledge in many forms, be that in fittings, addressing a broader group, training others or on factory floor. The Technical Designer should have the ability to collaborate effectively with a broad range of colleagues, primarily other Technical Designers and counterparts in Fashion Design as well as Product Development, Production and Quality Assurance.

The Technical Designer must have proficient skills in technical design, conducting/overseeing fittings, garment construction, pattern making, size grade rules and translating the intent of Fashion Design into tech packs. The Technical Designer must be able to provide effective technical flat sketches.

The Technical Designer should be able to maintain the role of Technical Design within the product development lifecycle as defined by the Director of Technical Design at all times. Technical Design is the gatekeeper amongst Fashion Design intent, Production feasibility and end-use wearability.

The Technical Designer must have proficiency and comfort in the use of technology to support Technical Design. This includes primarily the Gerber® Web Product Data Management (PDM) System. It includes the Accumark modules of Pattern Maker and Marker Maker.


A four year college degree is required. This must be in technical design, or a closely related subject.

At least five years of prior experience in a technical design position or a pattern making position are required. This should include working with a supplier base that is largely outside of North America. This experience is preferably with a women’s fashion branded apparel company.


This position is classified as full-time salaried; it is exempt and is not eligible for overtime. This position is eligible for standard company fringe benefits.

This position requires up to four international trips per year of approximately six to ten days per trip. The trips will be primarily to Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and Central/South America. Domestic travel could also be expected in addition to this.

Given the seasonality of the business, this position may require flexible, additional working hours during peak periods.