EB 101

At Wolfgang Harbor we know what top talent is seeking in an employer, and it’s not just a job. Candidates are looking for community, purpose and transparency — and unless employers are clearly articulating who they are above what they do, they may have missed out on a next great team member.

Employment Branding is a critical component to your overall recruitment strategy. Your employment brand sits at the top of the recruitment funnel, capturing the attention of prospective candidates prior to our engagement.

EB 102

Your employment brand lives across multiple platforms, such as:

  • Employer Career Website
  • Employer Social Media Accounts, including Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • Employer Company Videos
  • Career Fairs

Take a step back - what do you read from your employment brand? Do you have an active social presence that is sharing “work life” at your company? How does your careers site look - is it well representative of your company culture? Is it mobile-optimized? And most importantly, is your story being told?

A company’s employment brand is not just crucial for the prospective candidate - it can be measured in the quality of your candidates and hires. How well-informed are your new hires? You want your employment brand to not only attract talent, but also to redirect talent - being honest about what it requires to be a part of your team means you’ll only be attracting the ones who can handle it.


Kristin Dudley is an award-winning employment brand strategist who has an expertise in storytelling, social media and user experience design. Kristin works with the team at Wolfgang Harbor to elevate our clients to the next level of success when it comes to being seen as an employer of choice. Inquire with us today about the opportunity.